Synchronicity- If The Spirit Moves You

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Spirituality is not often perceived as being a lot of fun.

Many other things- enlightening, empowering, wondrous, even.

But not fun.

But someone up there has a sense of humour…at least where I’m concerned!

And being of Irish heritage, a sense of fun is hugely important.

And increasingly, I’ve been pondering the lighter side of  spirituality that has been happening for me since I’ve been  plugged into the whole Universe vibe.

And the thing that has struck me the most, is that there seems to be rather a lot of wonderful synchronicity in my life now, that I perhaps had not been aware of before.

Take today.

A rather uninspiring, damp squib of a start to the month fondly known in England as : ‘ Flaming June’.

I tried to remember this epithet as I ventured out in a high wind last night in my flip flops- wielding an oar- to push a waving  tree branch away from the satellite dish as my viewing of Springwatch had spluttered to a halt.

But I digress- and that must be the effect my newest client has had on me, for it is one of his charming qualities ( pot, kettle, black- as I, being of Irish descent, have no idea of how to make a long story short ) .

So feeling rather like the song by Carole King – you know, where she ‘ looks out on the morning rain and feels uninspired’ – I remembered that my day was to include a phone call with Mark. The thought cheered me enough to spur me on to brush my teeth and sit down at my keypad.

Mark is an old friend of mine from boarding school days.

Back then, he had the broadest and cheekiest grin  in school. He still does.

By happy chance ( Synchronicity ) he was asking via his Facebook feed the other day about how to maximise his website page to make him and his business  really stand out.

Another of our mutual pals from the same school suggested he contact me for my writing skills – and thank you Mark B, for that kindness ( NB: not everyone in the school was called Mark! )

And so, my latest client is one of my oldest friends, and a very happy creative partnership has been born.


I have also, in the last year, begun to be able to ‘ Manifest’ people- seemingly at will. For a long time, I’ve been able to think of a person only to have him ( or her ) text or call me immediately. This works the fastest with one person in particular, where our emails send to each other seconds apart.

But the ‘manifesting’ I can do now is on a whole other level.

Now before you start to think that I’ve gone la-la, I haven’t.

I’m a scientist by profession-  the daughter of an engineer- and they pay me to lecture in brain chemistry at a real university.

I was always the one in school who asked for ‘ proof ‘ and was a thorn in all my teachers’ sides with my recurring ‘ why’s? ‘

I need and demand the most stringent empirical evidence in all my psychological research.

But I find I can conjure people up quite easily.

The other day, a friend asked if I was going to be in our daily dance class as usual.

‘ Yes,’ I said. ‘ Unless Antonio Banderas arrives and asks me to join him for dinner.’

Now this was odd, as I literally had not thought of Antonio for years ( sorry, Antonio ) but his name sprung to my lips, and I have always been rather a fan.

Well he didn’t ask me for dinner, but imagine my surprise when I got home to see the first item on my Twitter feed was the news that Antonio Banderas had that day moved into the next village!

My friend was amazed : ‘ Who can you manifest for  me? ‘

Coincidence, I hear you cry!

No such thing. A very wise man I know told me that, long ago.

These synchronicities are happening to me so often now, that my friends are no longer surprised.


Take the case of the Boatyard and my mooring.

Regular  readers will know that I currently live on a very pretty little Island in the middle of The Thames, near Hampton Court Palace ( please see my blog : Island Life, for the details! )

There I was, standing surveying the silt that had built up on the mooring over the winter and that was at least a foot thick. It was dangerous and very slippery.

My exact thoughts were: ‘ Oh no! I really don’t want to do this. I wish a willing helper would come and offer to do it for me.’

Now I am really not making this up, but  the very next minute, a chap appeared, on a boat next to me. He tied up.

‘ Hello,’ he said, ‘ Would you like some help with that?’

I looked up at the sky in amazement.

‘ I was just this minute wishing that, ‘ I said.

He laughed. ‘ Well, you probably think I’m an angel, but I can assure you that I’m not! I work at the Boatyard.’

‘Would 9.15 tomorrow morning suit you?’

I promise you, this happened. Just like that.

And a lovely job he did too. Thank you Barnaby.

Just last week, I was back out on my mooring again – I spend a lot of time down there.

At the moment, there are goslings, ducklings and baby moorhens. It is a real- life Springwatch.

The little picket gate that leads down to the river has long had a loose slat that is rather annoying. I’ve had to hold it on with one hand whilst opening the gate and balancing my cup of tea in the other. I realise this is a First World problem, but it had been bugging me.

I had again wished that I could get someone to fix it, but I hadn’t got round to it.

On pushing it open last week, I found it had been mended overnight!

‘ Aha! ‘ I thought. ‘ Must have been kind Barnaby. He’s seen me struggling and has popped over while I was out.’ He is capable of that sort of lovely gesture.

I texted him a thank you.

‘ Not me this time! ‘ came the reply.

Nor did my enquiries throw up any good deeds by neighbours, passing boat friends or Molly- who was the other likely helpful soul.

I tried the gate again, in case my imagination was playing tricks on me.

But no, it WAS fixed. And seemingly by magic.

I sent up a quiet ‘ thank you’ as I always do when grateful.

I have also, for a long time now, been seeing number patterns in the most unusual places.

Recurring 11:11 on the cooker clock in my kitchen, repeated 00:00 on my car radio and feathers appearing  on my path everywhere I walk.

As I live on the river, I thought this was not unusual, but as if to show me that there IS a larger force at work, and definitely one with a sense of fun, a feather even drifted up to me underwater as I swam in an indoor pool. It was blue.

A large white, perfect feather also appeared beside my bed inside my bedroom…a with no doors or windows open, and no, I haven’t adopted a pet swan!

I’ve kept the most beautiful of these feathers as they feel like lovely gifts from above ( the one in the pic above is the feather that appeared in my bedroom. )

The newest Manifestation is little silver coins, which I usually find beside my car seat as I climb in to drive.

This, I am told, is a very fortuitous sign of an imminent  increase in good fortune- hoorah!


So where is this leading?

Well, I’ve been thinking that if I can Manifest such mundane things as the fixing of a garden gate ( or Antonio…not that he is mundane ) that I might be able to turn my mind to even inconceivably  intangible concepts- like Love and Peace,  for example.

I’ve long thought that we are all existing in a dream -like state anyway, in a parallel Universe that has limited dimensions. That there are other, more evolved dimensions and Universes out there. I’ve very often felt like a Player within a play- with other key people in my life waiting in the wings to come on.

I’ve become very good at knowing when they will appear, too.

Knowing as I do, how tiny is our true perception and real knowledge  of exactly how the brain works, and that we do not yet understand how consciousness really operates  ( there is no firm scientific evidence so far that there is one brain area responsible for consciousness, rather that it is likely to be a collective neural effort) I wonder how far, as humans, we can take this idea of Universal Synchronicity.

The idea that Buddhist Peace Chants and Meditation, focused on a particular, troubled area of the planet can affect positive change.

Or that, in coming together and focusing our collective consciousness on a global issue, will see it begin to transform.

It is a concept I am thinking about and focusing on more and more. For I know I am here to help and to heal, where I possibly can.


It’s all a long way from my garden gate- or seems so.

And yet…

I look forward to the Sychronicities and Manifestations the Universe has to show me this week.

I will report back.

Hasta la vista, baby.


Copyright Amanda Hills 2016 All Rights Reserved.


( ” You Make Me Feel Like ) A Natural Woman” – Goffin, King, Wexler

” Let’s Get It On ( if the spirit moves you…) ” – Marvin Gaye, Ed Townsend






7 thoughts on “Synchronicity- If The Spirit Moves You

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  2. Excellent!…loved it!! You had told me about a few of these events,it’s truly amazing how powerful the brain is and how the universe works in conjunction…now please can you manifest me a lifetime supply of Johnny Depp and Prosecco! xoxo 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Interesting …………I truly believe in fate not in a negative way but if something does not happen/ or happen then there is a reason not always apparent at the time but it will do so at the right moment…….that is why I truly believe this move to another County was meant to be and How it feels so right…….X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely Elaine!
      And I also know for sure that True Love manifests and unlocks things quicker than anything – and you and Marisa have True Love for each other.
      Once that happens, everything falls into place : ) xx


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