First blog – SPACE!

Having posted various bits and pieces on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn over the years, I’ve finally decided to have a go at putting my thoughts down on my own blog.. If you’re reading this, then thank you and welcome!

Amanda Hills here, I’ll just switch this on, in the words of Mr Fitzherbert ( known by another name, for fellow fans of Bridget Jones ).

People who know me well, will also know that I wear several hats.
I’m a Psychologist and Freelance Writer, but I teach yoga in my spare time, am a Guest Lecturer at King’s College, and very importantly, am a mother to three very fine creations- best three days work I ever did!

So I have many passions, and I’m very blessed to lead an incredibly full and rewarding life, for which I’m extremely thankful every day… ( more of that in another Blog about my 100 Happy Days )

Now I don’t want this to sound ‘goody two shoes’, because again, anyone who knows me well will attest to the fact that I’m no angel and I have a very strong mischievous streak, together with a highly developed sense of the ridiculous and a weakness for the double entendre…. Years of holidaying with a particular family has honed this last one!

Chief amongst my passions are, in no particular order : my family and close friends, London, tennis, music, films, dance, cocktails, books, yoga and meditation, water- being on it, beside it and in it- Ireland…I could go on..

And all coming from a deeply held spiritual belief that we are here to enhance and encourage our fellow human beings’ journeys, spread a little light and sunshine and most of all, approach everything we do from a place of love , non-judgement and compassion…. Whilst also having fun and enjoying ourselves!
Laughing is one of the best feelings in the world and in the words of another heroine of mine, Miss Elizabeth Bennet, I dearly love to laugh.

So, welcome to my world, or, my corner of it at least.

And today, I want to briefly share my great good fortune at going to an amazing place to practise yoga this morning.

Called ‘Yoga Sp8ce’, it has been lovingly built in the woodland area of the home of Stephanie and Riccardo near Ockham in Surrey.

As you drive through the gates, there is so much space, and air and light, that you can’t believe you are still so close to London.

We were led in a beautiful yoga class by Clare Gibson, with a view over the lake, the tiny bridge over it and a tranquil Island in the centre… Like a little reminder of heaven while you sit in Lotus position!

Clare set a beautiful intention, reflecting the studio’s name, asking us to ponder on yoga’s amazing ability to create space.. Both inside our bodies and minds, and in our hearts.

And it is the little space, or pause between our inhale and our exhale, and then the reverse, which we begin to learn to focus on when bringing our minds to stillness at the start of meditation.

Space… it seems a rare commodity these days. In London, in our diaries and most of all, in our lives, but as Clare taught us today, just a few minutes spent quietly, in reflection and peace, can begin to give you the space you need within yourself. And that’s a very good place to start!

And with practise, you can carry that feeling off the yoga mat with you and take it with you everywhere you go- crowded tubes and London streets included. In fact, especially there!
I know. Because I do it every day. And it is a fantastic tool to have.

So that is my thought for the day and I want to practise it throughout this week… Just breathe and give yourself some SPACE. Be still inside yourself and you can feel the calm, even with a hundred other people around you.
Thank you for the space for reading this too…


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